Mercy Corps’s project “Preschool Orchards”

On the initiative of Mercy Corps PF Bio Service provided training services on the topic “Biological control of fruit trees.” Fruit insect training was held in Jalal-Abad on September 13, 2019. Participants were the schools Ulugbek, Abdukaimov, Zhunusov and Turusbekov from Suzak, the schools Satybaldy uluu and Borubaev from Uzgen as well as authorities’ representatives of the local government and the education department from the district Jalal-Abad. Together, it resulted in a group of 23 participants.

Background is that orchards have been set up at the participating schools. Fruits which grow in these orchards create an income-generating activity as well as a fresh food supply for the pupils. With drying wracks fruits and vegetables can be dried thus ensuring a balanced diet even during winter period. The activities are rising the awareness of nutrition sensitive agriculture and organic farming in an intergenerational approach. The generations of pupils should be given fertile and uncontaminated soil so that our grandchildren also have the chance of a healthy diet. To achieve that goal education and awareness are important key issues.

In order to protect the yield from insects and other animals, there are measures that do not require any chemicals. The participants were trained on this. Also, they were able to contribute their own knowledge, ideas and experiences to group work and to plenary.

If you or your school is interested in the work of Bio Service feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to share our experience!


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