Biohumus – ecologically pure organic fertilizer, cattle manure processing product population of technological worm “miner”.


This concentrated fertilizer contains the whole balanced complex of essential nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, plant growth and development. In it a large amount of humic substances. Biohumus – unique microbiological fertilizer, which is home to helpful community of soil organisms that create soil fertility. Biohumus does not contain pathogenic microflora, helminth eggs, weed seeds and heavy metals. The fertilizer is easily and gradually assimilated by plants within their life cycle.


The use of this fertilizer improves agrochemical properties, increases quality and improves the yields of agricultural crops.


 Effectiveness of biohumus

– Biohumus quickly restores natural soil fertility, improves its structure and health;

– Biohumus does not have the inertia of action: plants and seeds immediately respond to it;

– Biohumus reduces the time of germination, faster growing and blooming plants, reduces the time of ripening in two or three weeks;

– Biohumus provides strong immunity in plants, increasing their resistance to stressful situations, adverse weather conditions, bacterial and putrefactive diseases;

– Biohumus  provides high survival rate of saplings and seedlings, optimum growth of flowers, their intense and prolonged flowering;

– Biohumus greatly increases productivity  and improves the taste of grown products;

– Biohumus in the soil binds heavy metals and radionuclides, does not give the plants accumulate nitrates;

– Biohumus  provides stable high ecologically pure  crop.