Nutrition In Mountains Agro Ecosystems

The implementation of the Nutrition in Mountain Agro-ecosystems Project is mandated to IFOAM – Organics International with its consortium partners FiBL and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.


Phase I: 2015 -2018

General purpose

Through a network of key actors to promote rural communities in mountainous regions, to improve access to sensitive  nutritious food through facilitating innovation diversification of proven agro-ecological and other practices that are sensitive to nutrition.


  • Practical and tested innovations on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) and intensification of agro-ecosystems are available and increased potential of Rural Service Provider (RSP)
  • RSP organized a network of interactions (MAAN) and  raise awareness, diversification and market linkages through the implementation of local development plans (micro-projects)
  • Decision-makers (government representatives), local businessmen and consumers are informed on aspects of food and are actively involved in issues of nutrition and associate them with agro diversification
  • Advocacy messages / information developed from the experience of NMA and knowledge sharing with other initiatives brought to the relevant institutions and in the process of developing

Phase II: 2018 – 2021

General purpose

Improving the access of rural communities from mountain regions to sufficient amounts of nutritious foods. This should be achieved through a network of participants facilitating innovation and diversification of proven agroecological and other nutrition-sensitive practices.

Further purpose

The specific purpose of the ToToT program is to develop the potential of trainers for the successful implementation of the Rural Service Provider (RSP) Capacity Building Program (CBP), which was developed and first implemented as part of the PHASE I.

The goal of the CBP is to develop capacity, improve knowledge and skills of RSP. Upon completion, RSPs will be able to identify, develop, implement and disseminate knowledge about local solutions to productivity and nutrition problems associated with agricultural ecosystems in their respective regions of activity. They will become part of the network to share their decisions and experiences.

The ToToT program is aimed at disseminating knowledge about nutrition-sensitive initiatives and providing trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to further disseminate this knowledge, launch their own CBPs and integrate this curriculum into the curricula of their respective educational institutions.

Project coordinator: Raimkulova Buajar

Тел.: 0771 021 958


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Nutrition In Mountains Agro Ecosystems Nutrition In Mountains Agro Ecosystems Nutrition In Mountains Agro Ecosystems