Water and Productivity Project (WAPRO)

Project Phase: 2015 -2021

Implemented by: HELVETAS

WAPRO – Multi-stakeholders join forces to enhance water productivity

General purpose:

WAPRO project offers a holistic push-pull-policy approach that encourages water stewardship – collective action towards the sustainable use of water.

Expected results:

Farmers are the main consumers of global water reserves. They are also among the poorest citizens of the world. Poverty prevents them from accessing water-saving knowledge and technology to supplement their know-how.

Farmers master water saving methods. For example, by switching to shorter furrows, which allow for more even water distribution, farmers in Kyrgyzstan save 30-40% of water.

The Project promotes diversified crops that use water and other resources more efficiently than monoculture crops.

Project coordinator: Joldoshov Bolot

Тел.: 0777 048282

E-mail: b.joldoshov@bioservice.kg